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( Our success is based on high quality production and dedicated staff ).
The main target of Electrical Water Heaters Factory is to supply partners and customers with high quality water heaters with competitive prices on the basis of constant improvement of our personnel. We are trying to reach this goal following the principles:

  1. To achieve the competitive level of production at the water heaters manufacturers market by means of improvement of the professionalism of our staff.
  2. Constant improvement of our production and services, trying to satisfy the customers completely.
  3. To develop the water heaters market by means of combining the basic functions of the past and modern technologies of the present.
  4. Constant development and self-education of the personnel.
  5. Permanent manpower training and development, raising the skill level and self-perfection of the personnel.
  6. Creating the special type of friendly environment for our staff.
  7. Involving the personnel into the constant upgrading of the company.
  8. Long lasting relationship with our suppliers based on the mutual trust and loyalty.
  9. Improvement of the quality of goods and services.
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